Champion Welcomes Mark Boen Back -

Champion Welcomes Mark Boen Back

Champion Welcomes Mark Boen Back
Champion Welcomes Mark Boen Back

Mr. Boen is thrilled to be back at Champion San Tan Valley in 4th grade, this year teaching Reading, Writing and Social Studies. His dog, Maddie, loves Champion as well, and is especially fond of hunting for rabbits in the school garden.

Mr. Boen taught 3rd grade 35 years in Fergus Falls, MN. He and his wife also owned and operated a large vegetable farm called Bluebird Gardens for 39 years.

With a Masters in Reading, Mr. Boen’s passion is to help all students become willing and able readers and writers. He has presented numerous reading and writing workshops for teachers across Minnesota and the country and has written three books for teachers. Boen has received many teaching awards including National Teacher of the Year. He approached on the Disney Channel Salute to the American teacher and was named most influential elementary teacher by Fergus Falls’ graduating classes. What matters most to him is the royal opportunity to help students become successful and ready for life.

Originally, the school garden was started by 4th grade students. But this year the Growing Minds Garden Club is open to all Champion families or anyone in the San Tan Valley community who would like to become a member. At their first meeting, you can help them decide what they want it to be.

  • Do you want to learn how to mimic nature and do biological farming?
  • Would you like to raise a garden like this in your backyard and pick your dinner fresh for your table?
  • How about a cooking class?

In any case, we will connect through Class Dojo to make it a learning experience for all.

Boen invites all students, Champion families and community members to take part in the Growing Minds Garden.

Growing Minds Garden Club meets every Saturday morning at 7:30-9:30 AM, all are welcome to join! If you are interested in learning more about the Growing Minds Garden, please contact Mark Boen at 480-765-2223.